McKie Consulting worked collaboratively with the Council to deliver the following:


1. Options Appraisal:

We undertook a strategic review of the service and identified a short-list of future delivery models that best aligned with the Council’s strategic objectives. This review took into account lessons learnt from the current contract and changes in the provider market since the previous procurement.

2. Market Engagement:

We carried out a market engagement exercise with potential providers to gauge the market’s interest in the shortlisted delivery models option. The engagement exercise helped shape the delivery model and ensured that the model taken to market would generate interest and strong competition.

3. Cabinet Approval:

We worked with Council Officers to prepare briefing papers and supporting evidence to make recommendations to elected members on the future service delivery model.

4. Service Design:

We worked with Council Officers to design the future service delivery. This included which services were to be delivered by external providers, which roles and services were to be retained by the Council; and the strategic relationship between the Council and the provider; how the services were to be specified and paid for and how risk was to be allocated between the Council and the provider.

5. Procurement Strategy:

We worked with the Council’s Procurement and Legal teams and identified the most appropriate procurement strategy (Competitive Procedure with Negotiation) in accordance with EU procurement rules.


6. Tender Documents:

Working closely with the Council’s Officers, the Procurement and Legal teams and external lawyers, McKie Consulting lead the preparation of the tender documents including:

a. Selection Questionnaires

b. Instruction for Tenders including tender evaluation criteria

c. Conditions of contract based on the NEC3 Term Service Contract

d. The Service Information and specifications

e. Pricing documents


7. Procurement Process:

McKie Consulting worked with the Council to manage the procurement process. This included evaluation of Selection Questionnaires, evaluation of Initial Tenders, leading the negotiations with bidders and evaluation of Final Tenders.

8. Contract Award:

McKie Consulting supported the Council to prepare recommendations for the award of the contract and provided assurance that the procurement exercise had been conducted transparently and in accordance with evaluation criteria.


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